Your Ultimate TV Experience will be changed with the existing cable connectivity price.
JADOO SAVER allows you to expand your horizon of entertainment extending
number of channels but in the current price.

Works with Every TV

JADOO SAVER works with every TV you have at your home.

Expand your Horizon of Channels

Depressed about 60-90 channels only? Jadoo SAVER will allow you 150 channels to enhance your cable TV experience.

Favorite Channel List

You don’t need to bother remembering the channel number. Just Make the list of your favorite channels for each of the family members and get access to the list fast according to your choice.


Ultimate Experience of Family Entertainment.
We Ensure the quality full channels to meet your demand within the VALUE Pack.

Channel Guide

JADOO VALUE will guide you to horizon of channel that will meet your demand as much as you want.

Best Solutions & Approaches

JADOO VALUE will ensure the best solution to each of your entertainment needs that consumer has ever faced.

Favorite Program Storage

The Value Package ensure Cable TV drive to the new segment of recording facility of your favorite TV program not only on your storage device but to JADOO Cloud if consumer want.


You have HD TV but you haven’t enjoyed the HD content.
Feel the HD channel with your HD TV and get your life high defined.


For the first time in Bangladesh Jadoo HD packages allows you to enjoy your favorite program schedule in EPG and let you know your favorite program timeline.

IP TV Option

Play internet content directly from your TV as internet interface in build it on it.

Favorite Channel List

At Jadoo we know each of the family member’s entertainment needs are different. In JADOO SUPER HD you can have up to 10 favorite channel lists according to your demand.


Your Ultimate choice of Entertainment from your HD enable TV along with Internet streaming.
We make your HD Smart TV the best source of entertainment along with your
family members with JADOO PREMIUM HD. Enjoy the HD Life.

Amazing HD Channels

Jadoo Premium HD will ensure amazing feeling of ensured HD channel at your fingertips.

DD Sound:

Tired of Tuning sound in different channels? JADOO PREMIUM HD will ensure the DD sound of your favorite TV to have the great experience.

Parental control

per-channel and per-event parental control is available, suitable for your basic needs of family entertainment.